this isn’t just a normal storage facility

It’s so nice to know there’s a receptionist to welcome guests and provide mail service. And having a maintenance team who keeps the facility clean and working as expected is an added bonus!

Victoria, College Hunks Moving

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business storage


small business warehouse - starting at $250/mo.


Our small business warehouses are great for storing extra office supplies, paperwork, small tools, or minimal inventory. These business storage units ranging in size from about the size of a 1 car garage to the size of a large living room.

All of the units are equipped with LED lights and a 110 power outlet. Some have manual roll up door while others have powered overhead doors.


medium business warehouse - starting at $800/mo.


Our medium business warehouses were designed for businesses needing to manage low levels of inventory. They are about the size of a small home and can fit vehicles, tools, inventory and more. All of the medium business warehouses are equipped with powered overhead doors, LED lights and a 110 power outlet.


large business warehouse - starting at $1500/mo.


Our large business warehouses allow for more serious storage needs. Whether you’re storing products or you’re just a local leg of distribution chain, our large business warehouses can provide you with the space you need. All of our large business warehouses have LED lighting, powered overhead doors and a 110 power outlet. And don’t forget, we have on site fork lifts available to make loading and unloading trucks easier!


other business options


In addition to our business storage space, Commercial Self Storage is proud to offer commercial office space. Some of our business storage units have office space connected however, we also have an entire building at each site dedicated to office space. This building is furnished with a receptionist, conference room/training facility, kitchenette, WiFi and other modern amenities.

We also have limited parking available for company vehicle parking however space is very limited.


i love the business environment

When I bought the company, they were operating out of a residential storage unit. I needed an office space and I found you guys. Everything about this place makes running my business more efficient and less stressful.

Evgeni K, Detail Windows