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business storage

You won’t find couches or moving boxes here. You will find fork lifts, work vans and business owners just like you. You belong here.

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more than self storage

Commercial Self Storage is part self storage, part business accelerator. Companies of all shapes and sizes lease office and storage space with us because we make running your business simple. While our list of amenities is impressive, we are most proud of the community of businesses that call our facilities home.

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ready for something fresh

Previously, we were in an area with no security, high crime and an old building. Bringing customers there was not an option. Commercial Self Storage gave us the professional image we needed.

Brent K, Circle City Contractors



our locations

After serving local businesses for 10+ years, we’ve learned at the end of the day, you probably aren’t sure what kind of space you need exactly. Many companies come to us just looking for office space and never dreamed they would be leasing multiple warehouses and operating a multi-office operation within just a year or two.


our services


Small warehouse storage

Our small warehouses are perfect for extra file storage or keeping a desk or two stowed away for future use. They’re also great for unloading a truck or two of tools and equipment at the end of the day.

large warehouses

Whether you’re looking to store work vehicles and equipment while not in use or manage larger levels of inventory, these warehouses offer plenty of space for all of your business storage needs.


medium warehouse storage

The medium sized warehouses are great for storing, processing and distributing small amounts of inventory. These warehouses are the size of a modest home and can fit vehicles, tools, equipment and product easily.


office space

What do companies appreciate about Commercial Self Storage? The option to have their business operations on site too. The convenience and flexibility our office/storage space combination offers is unmatched.